Why the change?

Chicago (September 23, 2022) - I started a new title company on January 25th, 2021.  Why, you ask?  Well, the pandemic birthed a season of change, so it didn't seem particularly risky at the time.  Plus, I intended it to be an expansion of my responsibilities and growth trajectory.  There were a few obstacles put in front of me at the old shop that prevented me from creating the toolset I believe meets an unmet need in our local market.  Everyone tries to solve for the 80% and leaves the rest to want.  But we are a very, very large, if unique, marketplace.  So let's do something unusual and build for this specific market.  Can it be useful on the East Coast?  Maybe.  But let's start here and rollout it out here with a suite of useful apps that makes this market it's sole focus; and then let's sell and saturate Chicago with it.  When something removes impediments to superior service, others will take notice.